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Buy a gift card for a mobile escape game - and delight a friend!

The game can be played by two or more players together to form teams. In teams, one player downloads a free Actionbound app to their mobile device and the game can begin. There are two mobile adventures available on Vallisaari, Peaceless and in the Footsteps.

Do this:

- Buy the desired number of gift cards from the online store (min. 2 pieces = for 2 people)

- Gift cards will be delivered to your email address in code format.

- By using the code for the Mobile Escape product, the recipient of the gift reserves this experience.

Mobile Escape Game Rauhattomat

In the footsteps of a mobile escape game

About the game:

- Divide the participants into teams of 2+ people

- One of the team members is downloading the Actionbound App

- in the morning of the game day, a QR activation code will be sent to the booker's e-mail, which each team will scan on their mobile device

- The adventure can begin

- plays at your own pace, no time limit, the estimated duration is 1 hour

The experience is provided by Room Escape Running Rabbit