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Gift voucher for TreeTents EcoCamp Vallisaari 2024
Price €190.00 / pcs

Surprise your friends and loved ones with an intangible experience!

Now gift vouchers for a summer 2024 stay in a wooden tent in Vallisaari.

1.6.2024- 17.9.2024

Stay at Vallisaari in the Tree Tents EcoCamp area during the summer of 2024.

Stingray Tree Tentsile wooden tent for max 3 persons 190 EUR

1 night experience package includes:

  • Tentsile Stingray Safari - wooden tent as ordered and Tentsile Trillium Hammock ready to pitch.

  • The Trillium Hammock is a seating area designed for three people, a hammock oasis and a lightweight airborne base underneath the Connect

  • Thick quilts for the base of the hut (under your own sleeping bag)

  • Breakfast at Vallisaari Harbour Café (fresh juice, coffee/tea and bun or salmon pie)

  • Dry toilets on the island

  • Fantastic location on the seafront in King's Island


Good gift card holder/recipient!

Gift voucher valid from 1.6.2024 to 17.9.2024 (note: 1.9.-17.9. only on weekends).

Please note that the purchase of a gift voucher does not automatically entitle you to an overnight stay. You can book your tentsile experience night on our website HERE. Find a date in the calendar that suits you and add it to your shopping cart. In the shopping cart, select USE CODES for payment and enter the 12-digit code from your gift card, which can be found just below the title.