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Vallisaari Guest Harbour 5 visits season 2024
Price €40.00 / pcs


Jäätelökahvila Pajajade.dudet@gmail.com+358 50 313 7161Company id:2831234-8Merchant terms

This product entitles you to five day visits (no overnight stay) to Vallisaari Guest Marina.

After purchase, you will receive a QR code by email, which you can use to claim a place at the Vallisaari Harbour Café.

Alternatively, you can activate your access on the website:

Select a visitation fee product from the Vallisaari website:


In the shopping cart, select "use code" and enter in the field the confirmation code you received when you purchased the 5 visits to Vallisaari Harbour product.

The unused value will wait for the next time.