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Buffet at the Eastern Harbour Shed

Price includes the venuu and waitering, choose menu here::

Walk for about 50 metres from our Harbour Cafe and you´ll find our atmospheric Harbour Sheds. The eastern Harbour shed is suitable for 10 to 36 people.

We have a liqour license and electricity at the venue and the closest water closets are right next to the venue!

Unfortunately there is no heating so if you are interested in booking the venue for spring/ autumn we can provide portable heaters. We still recommend that you dress warmly, since there is usually windy and a bit colder when you are near the sea :)

You can see our most famous menu options from above. More options are available down below and you can add them straight to your shopping cart if wanted! Check our drink options HERE:


Our menus include recyclable plates, cutlers and napkins.

Porcelain tableware is also available for the price of 5,00€/person.


Special diets: We can make the menu lactose/gluten free, with other diets the price 14,00€/ordered diet. We kindly ask you to inform us about the special diets or other wishes at least 10 days before your event.