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Our operators have been commited to the following procedures in our coffee shops and restaurants to ensure a safe visit for everyone:

  1. We advice our visitors to take care of good hand hygiene 
    Our visitors should focus on extra good hand hygiene (washing your hand and using hand sanitizer frequently) and we kindly ask you to stay at home if you are sick or have any symptoms of corona.
  2. We put extra focus on keeping the water closets and water outlets clean at all times.  
    The water closets are being cleaned and sanitized multiple times  day and we ensure that there is always enough hand soap and hand sanitizer available.
  3. We navigate our customers in our restaurants.
    The restaurant owners have the responsibility to make a their own safety instructions according to the pandemic to stop the spread of the virus among customers on our island.
  4. The customers are only served by healthy customer servers
    We take care of the safety distances to other customers which is the recommended amount of 1,5 meters. You can contact us for different delivery and service options
  5. You will find hand sanitizer in all of our restaurant locations.