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Closed for the season!

See you next year :)

⭐️ Welcome to the mystical island of Vallisaari ⭐️

The sun warms your neck as you step off the ferry onto the pier.
You look around and it seems as if time has stood still.
The old buildings are steeped in history. The vegetation seems untouched.
You're excited to see what the day will bring.

So it's a good idea to start the day with a little planning, first on the terrace of Cafe Iisi.
An essential part of a successful day is that your body and mind are nourished.

Iisi will make sure that while exploring the map you can enjoy a healthy and filling breakfast.
You'll soon notice how the serene surroundings, the sunshine, and fresh coffee energize your body and relax your mind.

There's no rush today and a full day is reserved for the island.

That means there's plenty of time before you reach Iisi Bistro and Torpedo Bay.
It's a good idea to pack a snack and a drink for the tour.

From our selfservice fridges you'll find drinks and small bites to-go.

To-go you take an another cup of coffee ☕️
The adventure can begin.

The mysterious Vallisaari awaits.

Iisi State of Mind