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Are you still looking for the perfect class trip location?

Did the pandemic cause you to miss your school camp or other events?

Vallisaari is filled with beautiful nature, fresh air, unique animals and sights filled with history! We are always open for suggestions and ideas so we can organize you the perfect class trip according to your wishes. The popular options are for example a nature trail with a guide, a minigolf course or a mobile escape game but feel free to contact us for any questions or ideas you have!


You can either take the regular service ferry or book a private transportation with us from Hakaniemi, starting from 590 EUR

Fun, not so traditional activities that will give you all the information you´ll need about the history of Vallisaari:

Vallisaari Race is a unique action-packed and adventurous problem solving game, designed specifically for Vallisaari. Teams of 2-6 people compete in the spirit of Amazing Race. In the Race the participants plunge into the island's historical stories and natural beauty. The possible amount of participants is 10-100 people. The tasks are very diverse so that everyone can shine at something.  The Race can be customized to be very sporty and fast or concentrating more on the brainwork. This is a marvellous way to spend a recreation day together. The duration is 60 min, but with the instructions and the prize ceremony, it takes ca. 90 min. A longer duration is also possible, if agreed beforehand.

Vallisaari Race is organized by Room Escape Running Rabbit. 

Experience the Restless mobile escape game set in the surroundings of Vallisaari island

Exciting stories are lurking all around Vallisaari island. Now you and your teams can play a fun game using your mobile devices. In the spirit of geo-caching players search the area looking for info and solving physical escape-like puzzles. Wear comfortable shoes to run around the island!

Meal options

We can easily arrange a private catering in the Garage-venue next to the Ice Cream Cafe Paja. You can choose a Baked potato buffet, a Mexican fiesta or ask us for more options!

Paja is also famous for their home-made ice creams and mouth-watering crepes. Just remember to ask for them beforehand so we´ll have them freshly made just for you :)

Contact us for any questions you have, we´ll do our best to organize you and your group the most memoriable class trip day.