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From €277.00 / 1 h
Please select a date to get detailed pricing information.

Price includes venuu rent, food and service for your group, also you can order:

Simple lunch option in SA-INT event venuu for your group from 10 to 36 persons.

Delicious meat lasagne (lactose free) with green salad

Lunch 10-12 persons 277,00 (incl. one lasagne casserole to cover max. 12 person)
Lunch 13-24 persons 452,00 (incl. two lasagne casseroles to cover max. 24 person)
Lunch 25-36 persons 627,00 (incl. three lasagne casseroles to cover max. 36 person)

Prices include venuu rent (1hour), tap water, food and cleaning.

Special dietary courses are ordered three (3) person portions separately as 50,00/3 persons
- Gluten free/vegan/nut free. Other special dietaries we can't unfortunately cover.


About Event venuu SA-INT:

Distinctive industrial warm space decorated in army style
Located near the Torpedo Bay, about 100m towards the middle of the island
Seats for max 40 people
Old army furniture
No liquor license


Nearest toilets located only 50 meters towards Torpedo Bay