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€434.00 / 3 h 30 min

Guided tour and buffet lunch takes altogether 3,5hour

The trip starts with a guided tour that lasts for about two hours. You can pick the day of your choice from the bar shown above. You´ll have lunch in the eastern Harbour Shed that is reserved for you for 1,5 hours after the tour ends.

The guided tour is included in the price. On top of that you´ll pay for venue reservation and service fee, the lunch menu and possible extras according to the wanted amount of people.

You can choose your menu between Menu Biennal, Menu Harbour shed, Menu Torpedo or Menu Vallisaari.

The three kilometres long Alexanders tour is a classic in Vallisaari.

Our experienced guides will guide you through the beautiful nature of Vallisaari and after that you can enjoy a delicious lunch at the atmospheric Harbour Sheds.