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41,00 €

Vallisaari Delux 


Salad with roasted cauliflower and cucumber (L,G)

Starberry-halloumi salad (L,G)

Flamed salmon with apple-dill cremé (L,G)

Salt-cured white fish with fennel (L,G)

Pesto herring (L,G)

Bresaol with horseradish cremé (L,G)

Fresh bread (L) and herb butter (L,G)
Chicken breast with chimicurri sauce (L,G)

Marinated zuccini, haricot verts, small tomatoes and herbs (L,G)

Still water


41,00€ / person

(referential picture)

minimun for 10 people


The menu includes palm leaf plates, cutlery and napkins
We charge an extra 2,50€/ person for porcellain tableware. Table cloth and accessories with extra fee.

Special diets

We note lactose-free and glutein-free diets automatically, for other diets we charge 10,00€/ diet. The special diets must be ordered 7 days before the event.