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Due to the exceptional global situation caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), the opening date of Helsinki Biennial will be postponed to 2021. The event will take place in the unique milieu of Vallisaari 12.6.-26.9.2021. 

Vallisaari starts a new era in its history with the new contemporary public art event Helsinki Biennial.
”Helsinki Biennial is an international visual art event that brings high-class contemporary art to maritime Helsinki. The first Helsinki Biennial will be organized in summer 2020 in a unique milieu in Vallisaari island.The Biennial also includes workshops and multidisciplinary performances in Vallisaari and other areas of Helsinki. HAM and Helsinki Marketing together are responsible for the event's international marketing. 

Helsinki Biennial will be in the public eye and visited by even larger groups in summer 2020 and that is why there has been a need to improve the infrastructure and transportation to the island. According to the forecasts ca. 300 000 people can be expected to visit the island during the season which means a multiple amount compared to the previous years. The experts of Metsähallitus have been planning a safe and respectful way to organize this big event in Vallisaari. 

Vallisaari has long traditions in culture, dancing, painting and theatre clubs. After its opening in 2016 many of the cultural traditions have been revived, e.g. Flash Vallisaari light art event and Vallisaari Day with many musical performances. "It is marvellous to be witnessing this new art gathering in Helsinki archipelago! In order to successfully organize an event of this scale, we need also functioning services. We want to constantly improve and to focus our services for the visitors. Also the lavatories and water supply/ sewerage system will be renewed before next summer, which is quite essential in order to provide the services" , says Johanna Karusuo from Seasales Finland*, who is responsible for the operational services in Vallisaari. 

*Juva Shipping has delegated its operational services in Vallisaari to its subsidiary Sea Sales Finland. The main industry for Sea Sales Finland is maritime services, sales and operational services. In addition to the services in Vallisaari, Sea Sales operates also the charter traffic for Aava Lines. 

This event in its magnitude will also affect many neighbouring island such as Suomenlinna, Lonna and Isosaari. The entrepreneurs aspire to cooperate in order tot offer the Biennial guests a holistic archipelago experience. JT-Line will be operating the regular service from the market place and many companies such as Aava Lines offer private transfers next summer. 

Photo: Helsinki Biennial