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Iisi Vallisaari Salmon Soup - What could fit better to Finnish archipelago than creamy salmon soup made with love?

Iisi serves the menu always fresh, on the spot made just before the service.

Iisi Bistron Salmon Soup (L,G) is served with rye bread and butter (bread available as G), after food coffee/tea is served.

Salmon soup from buffet is 19,00/person, minimum for 8 persons.

  • Smaller groups can eat without venue reservation in the terrace of Bistro. More information from oliver@iisivallisaari.fi.

  • This menu requires an venue booked, More information about venues.

Iisi Bistro can also make Veggie Soup menu, with more information about it HERE.

If you want, you can order Salmon soup as a whole menu:

Iisi Bistro Salmon soup menu (L, available G) table served:
Small salad from seasons vegetables (L,G)
Creamy salmon soup (L,G) rye bread and butter (L, available G)
House-made dessert (L, available G)

Price of the menu (for groups 10-25person) 30,00/person, includes service.
- For groups over 25 person, we recommend another waiter, in which we charge 45,00/hour.  

This menu minimum for 10 person and always requires an venue booked from some of our beautiful venues. More information about venues.


Iisi Vallisaari wishes you all warmly welcome!