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€462.00 / 2 h
Price includes 12 persons. Extras:
  • Henkilöt€29.70

Crime scene: Biennial is a dream gig for fans of police series, detective stories and true crime cases.

Helsinki Biennial is about to start, when one of the biggest names of contemporary art is found dead and the masterpiece stolen? Is your team up to the challenge? This is a game where your team gets to use their collaborative skills to analyze a tangle of criminals that unleashes tricky missions by solving, interrogating, and gathering evidence.

The crime scene works great as a program for a day of recreation, kick-offs, tummy and empty days, bachelor parties or various festive events. Challenge your outfit to work together on an innovative fun mystery.

The game doesn't need physical strenght or one doesn't need to play any role, but includes little walking and few physical elements. Game is as untrammeled as Vallisaari Island is.

The game is played outside and fits well for groups of 2 to 24. Group is divided to smaller groups for the game. It is advided to book 1,5 to 2 hours to instructions and gaming all to gether.

The crime scene is implemented by Room Escape Running Rabbit and the magnificent setting of Vallisaari is the gaming arena. Start of the game infront of Ice cream parlour Paja, unless otherwise agreed.