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27,50 €
27,50 €
Price includes 1 person. Extras:
  • Henkilöt27,50 €

´Jäljillä´ is murder mystery that is played on your own mobile devices as a team. The game is not about speed but about wit.

Things, videos and texts told by all the characters are worth going through, as you may lose important information. The game can be played by two or more players together to form teams. In teams, one player downloads a free Actionbound folder to their mobile device and then you’re ready for Tracks.

Do this:

- Buy the number of game rights you want from the online store

- divide participants into teams of 2+ people (2-5 people recommended)

- One of the team members is downloading the Actionbound App

- in the morning of the game day, a QR activation code will be sent to the booker's e-mail, which each team will scan on their mobile device

- The adventure can begin

- play at your own pace, no time limit, estimated duration is 1-2 hours

- Be sure to bring note-taking equipment

Produced by Room Escape Running Rabbit