Looking for ideas for a recreation day? Spend a memorable day in Helsinki archipelago!

Are you planning a recreation day in Helsinki? Are you running out of ideas? No worries, we will help you. We can provide you with services from 1-hour lunches to whole-day activity packages.

The purpose and benefits of recreation days

The purpose of a recreation day is to enhance the well-being of workers and help them to cope with the challenges in modern working environments. Many employers have realized the importance of recreation days in the everyday work and team spirit. A recreation day spent in the nature exercising and enjoying good food is a guaranteed success. Already the ferry ride is an experience, especially if it’s extended to an archipelago cruise!

Ideas for a recreation day – Sports and wellness

Sports is a very efficient way to spend a recreation day. We have collected the best tips for athletic activities that the whole team will surely enjoy. Vallisaari is a good option for many kinds of recreational activities regardless of the participants’ condition.

Forest Yoga is a fun way to explore the world of yoga. Suitable for any level of experience.

Running Rabbit Vallisaari Race – Have you watched a show called  Amazing race? Bring your team for a wild adventure to solve mysteries and explore new things about yourself. Rabbit Race Vallisaari is  adjustable for your group- an athletic competitions or a more intellectual challenge. Rabbit race is suitable for small groups but also possible to arrange for groups of max 100 people.

Vallisaari GeoCaching is a laid-back activity that combine orienteering and team race in an interesting way.This race is suitable both for small and bigger groups. The teams navigate with a retro GPS device around Vallisaari and/or Kuninkaansaari and find the most beautiful and interesting spots on the islands. The geocaches contains team tasks, that familiarizes the team into the island, its history, nature and different  skills. Possible to arrange for big groups of max 100 people.

Celebrational recreation day – honoring the traditions

Although recreation days are nowadays very different from the wild parties of the past decades, also good food and drinks are a part of a enjoyable day. Organizing such an event might seem stressful, but not to worry: we will organize the whole day for you, including transportation, meals and activities. Contact us and we will arrange the whole package!

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